Amunet’s Fables is a book series of four books, each with four short and powerful stories.

Collect each book as it is published to add to your collection of guidance on personal development and spiritual growth.

Thank you for your visit. In order for these wonderful books to be here in the present, Team Amunet’s Fables have made some valuable contributions to bring this body of work to the public.  This is an exciting journey and we hope you will share it with us. Here is a little about the books and how you can get hold of them.


BOOK 1 Amazon Best Seller

Amunet’s Fables Lessons in Soul Survival is a small book of four modern day fables. Each title represents key life lesson to be identified by the reader. The special discovery found within each story is personal to the reader. There is no wrong answer. You are encouraged to continue to grow and nurture your Gift of Divinity, also called your life… This title became an Amazon Best Seller on the January 2017 New Moon.


BOOK 2  Amazon Best Seller

Amunet’s Fables Choose Order or Create Chaos is the second book of fables. Each short story gives the reader an insight into the various mindset examples amongst the characters.The reader is invited to reflect on the self-created chaotic scenarios and the resolutions which surface for each situation. This title became an Amazon Best Seller on the March 2017 Full Moon.



BOOK 3 Amazon Best Seller

Amunet’s Fables A Time For Everything is the third book of fables. It became an Amazon best seller eight days after the April 2017 full moon. The theme in this third offering is centered around forgiveness and justice and their opposites. The reader is encouraged to stop and take stock and review what is happening in their own lives and how they can live in harmony with all that there is.


BOOK 4 in the series will be available soon


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