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Author Reviews  “…Universal Message; Incredible Writing; Scholarship and Spirituality; A Gentle Meander; Subtle Power; A Touch of Light; Beautiful Images in Your Mind…”

“The fables bring a touch of light to often cloudy situations – the unhealthy trappings of social confines, of stress, grief, ego…”

Nisa Cole Actor and Playwright


“These fables whilst everyday are universal drawing on recognisable bodies of storytelling from the African diaspora and elsewhere…”

Dr S.I. Martin Author, Historian, Curator.


“Visceral, evocative, reminds me of Angela Carter. Incredible writing.”

Angela Clarke, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Columnist and Playwright


“…I think you have made a significant contribution to scholarship and spirituality. Daily living is a series of small choices. The choice brings gold or lead depending on whether it is made with love and selflessness or ego and selfishness…”

Dr KofiBumph Author and Scientist.


“…What I love about Amunet’s Fables is their gentle meander, her stories are like a small brook, bright and alive with bubbles and light, meandering slowly to the sea…”

Ankara Lloyd Author and Executive Coach.


“Amunet’s Fables are deeply spiritual…They have the subtle power to inspire humility, compassion and courage”.

Dr Alexis Habiyaremye Human Sciences Researcher.


“… A wonderful book of short stories, creating beautiful images in your mind and a spiritual connection with the author…”

Pauline Findlay Award Winning Authorand Film Maker.


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  1. I enjoyed reading the fables they do make you stop and think and compare your own life situations and reflections with the people in the book