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1 INTERVIEW request an interview on the Amunet’s Fables series of books, with a book signing

2 YOUR EVENT ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT invite Amunet to speak at your event on aspects of personal development options for twenty first century living, with book signings

3 YOUR EVENT ON SPIRITUAL GROWTH invite Amunet to speak at your event on aspects of spiritual growth and Ifa Orisha Spiritual Practice, in the twenty first century, with book signings

4 COACHING arrange a one to one coaching session to help you with your time management in favour of yourself

5 ESSENTIAL OILS PRESENTATION request a presentation on the benefits of DoTERRA high quality essential oils for deep relaxation and numerous health benefits

6 WORKSHOP AND KEYNOTE PRESENTATION invite Amunet to do a work shop entitled ‘Relax into your Destiny’ where the benefits of an integrated approach to stress management will be explored including action steps to best suit the individual and groups

7 SOLAR THEMED EVENTS work with Amunet to create a themed event to mark the Solstice and Equinox transits which happen four times a year in March June September and December

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