Amunet’s Biography


A Summary of Amunet’s Gifts to the world

Amunet is a Wellness Advocate, a Positive thought leader for self-help transformation, through one to one and group coaching talking therapy, workshops, seminars and public speaking. Amunet is also the creator of inclusive and motivational educational resources with a focus on peace education, global citizenship and the social and emotional aspects of learning. Amunet writes at least one peer-reviewed academic paperĀ  a year towards her ongoing Action based researcher with a focus on Comparative Rites of Passage, inclusion and African indigenous knowledge systems.

During her ongoing research, Amunet discovered a report by WHO the World Health Organisation which found that the number one cause of premature deaths globally, was cardiovascular related diseases. Amunet is now on a Mindfulness Mission to assist busy professionals since they are part of the group who are most at risk of neglecting their sacred headspace and falling prey to stress-related illnesses.

A Summary of Amunet’s Experience

Relaxation Coach
Providing talking therapy to assist with self-help transformation in the areas of relaxation, personal development and spiritual growth

Writer of Blogs, Articles, Academic papers, publications, songs and poems
Author of the Amunet’s Fables series

Community Engagement
Lead consultant of several NGO’s based in the UK, Jamaica and Ghana

Integrated therapist and Wellness Advocate creating sacred space during the monthly dark moon phase and the quarterly Solar Earth Mind Body alignment events, using Sound therapy, Scenery therapy, Aromatherapy, Colour therapy in a group coaching format to encourage bonding and sharing, hearing and listening to each other and making a soul connection in a safe and sacred space.


Talking Therapy:


Results Coaching

Performance Coaching

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Msc in Race and Ethnic Relations


Personal Development

Spiritual Growth

Ubuntu Philosophy of Southern Africa

Ma’at The Moral ideal of North East Africa

Horology the study of time

Earth Heaven Mind Body Alignment